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2018 trends in ecommerce

Hottest ecommerce trends in 2018

Voice recognition, subscriptions, personalization, and omnichannel - these are the trends that will fuel the e-commerce industry in 2018. Read more


Ecommerce Manager’s 2018 New Year Resolutions

Begin 2018 with three actionable tips and a checklist for improving your ecommerce activities. Read more

An ecommerce concept showing an online purchase

Ecommerce Seasonality Tips Yule Love

Things you need to know about how to ride the seasonality wave in ecommerce. Build your ecommerce calendar in a smart and effective way. Read more

Migrate small business to the AWS cloud

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Move to Cloud

Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the positive results of the cloud computing revolution. In fact, most of us are already using SaaS-based applications every day, i.e. Google Docs, Dropbox or Slack. Now it’s time for your business to get off the ground and move to the Cloud. Here are some reasons… Read more

Future of US shopping malls is not good

Death of American shopping malls

Today, most young people all around the world have stopped doing their shopping in traditional malls, choosing instead to shop online. So, one thing is sure for all retailers and wholesalers: either you start selling your products online or your business will be doomed. Just like the American shopping malls. Fall of shopping temples Customer… Read more

2017 is the year of the API Economy

Monolithic IT infrastructures that have powered businesses over the past few decades now give way to microservices and today’s companies need to launch new business models if they are to remain competitive. APIs are instrumental in the change. APIs – the game-changer for the IT industry Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) are the new game-changer; a… Read more

What’s the future of PIM?

Special report prepared by Ventana Research, a respected benchmark business technology research firm, proves that the best solution for effective management of product-related content is using one single Product Information Management (PIM) application. How good is your product information? Consistent product information is essential to any smooth-running, successful business. Despite the obvious evidence of a… Read more

7 Best Practices for Successful Product Information Management

For all companies considering how to derive full value from their product-related information, we offer the following 7 recommendations based on “The next generation of PIM” report prepared by Ventana Research − a respected benchmark business technology research firm. Define roles and responsibilities It may be beneficial to include marketing, sales, customer service, and operations… Read more

Getting product content ready for sales

Long waiting lines for new products are not good for business. Is missing product content delaying your product launches? Photos, descriptions, even tags, all take time to create. What can you do to get your new products out the door faster? Automate processes As long as your products share at least some common features, automating… Read more

Why you should centralise your product information

You are running a successful retail business. Delivering products to market quickly is what brought you here, and it is important to keep up the pace. Except the more you grow your sales and expand your market reach, the harder it becomes to manage information about your products. If your product information is scattered across… Read more