This website was created to share news and insights about Product Information Management, E‑Commerce, and the related industries. It is presented to you by the team at Bluestone PIM, who are developing the first truly collaborative and API-driven SaaS for Product Information Management.

Product information management (PIM) means managing the information required to market and sell products through multiple channels.  A central set of product data can be used to feed information to media such as web sites, print catalogues, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds to trading partners.

PIM systems generally need to support multiple geographic locations, multi-lingual data, and maintenance and modification of product information within a centralized catalogue. Information kept by a business can be scattered throughout departments and held by employees or systems, instead of being available centrally; data may be saved in various formats, or only be available in hard copy form. Information may be needed for detailed product descriptions with prices, or calculation of freight costs. PIM represents a solution for centralized, media-independent data maintenance, as well as efficient data collection, management, refinement and output.